Правила туров (english)

General part
First qualifying Internet-round (I round) to the Winter computer school-2012 is held within the series of qualifying rounds to the WCS-2012. First round is a personal Olympiad.

Round standing orders

  • The round will be held December 17, 2011. The competition starts at 4 p.m.(UTC+4/MSK) and ends at 7 p.m.(UTC+4/MSK). The jury has the right to prolong the round in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

  • To participate in the tour one should register in the tournaments’ administration system at ElJudge and before the beginning of the tour log in the system by entering his username and password.

  • There will be six problems during the round. One may solve the problem in any order.

  • Solutions are checked during the competition.

  • The solution of the problem is a program written in one of the admissible programming languages (see next paragraph). The program should not contain sub-modules or files. Various problems can be solved in different programming languages.

  • Solving the problem, participants may use the following programming languages (in brackets there is given the version of the compiler on the server):

    1. Pascal (Free Pascal 2.5.1);

    2. C/C++ (GNU C/C++ 4.5.1);

    3. Java (JDK 1.6.0_26);

    4. Python 2.6.6;

    5. Python 3.2.2.

  • For all tasks the input data are given in the input files, names of which are specified in the problem text. The program-solution should form an output file with the specified name.

  • When a participant is ready, he sends the solution to the Jury for testing. After that, the participant may continue working on other problems. Results of the sent solution are open to a participant right after the testing is completed. As soon as check is completed, a participant gets a report informing whether his solution is passed or not. If the decision is not passed, the participant is informed about the error type.

  • Message Message deciphering When does it appear?
    OK OK The solution passed the tests
    CE Compilation Error Program compiling was finished with an error
    RT Run-Time Error Program completed with a nonzero
    return code
    TL Time Limit Exceeded Program exceeded the time limit fixed in the condition
    PE Presentation Error
    Checking program cannot check the output data, since the format does not correspond to described one
    WA Wrong Answer Answer is incorrect
    ML Memory Limit Exceeded Program exceeded the memory limit fixed in the statement

  • The solution is considered passed if all the tests have been passed. Partial solutions (in case not all tests are passed) are not evaluated.

    There are several prohibitions in problems’ solutions. One shouldn’t:

    • • create subdirectories;
      • perform any input /output except for opening, closing, reading and writing files specified in the problem;
      • use any network facilities;

      • use any other facilities or take actions that can interfere in the process of checking and passing round.

  • The solution should give the same answers to the same tests, regardless of start-up time and the software environment. The jury has the right to make an unlimited number of re-testing a program of a participant, and select the worst result for each test.

  • The appeal is not held.

  • The jury has the exclusive right to determine the accuracy of passing the tests, evaluation, determining the winners and participants’ disqualification. The jury examines issues that arise as a result of unforeseen events and circumstances. The jury's decision is final and non-appealable.

  • Participants are ranked by the number of solved problems. Participants that have the same number of solved problems are ranked by the total solution time.

  • The total solution time is defined as a sum of solution times for each problem. The solution time of a problem is defined as time from the start of the competition till the sending of the solution, plus 20 penalty minutes for every rejected solution. Tasks that are not solved by the end of the competition do not give any contribution to the total time (including penalty time for rejected solutions).