Moscow Workshops Juniors 2019


The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology welcomes high school students to take part in the programming boot camp Moscow Workshops Juniors.

Dates: February 25 - March 6

The program includes:

  • Daily studying contests, thematic lectures and practice
  • Popular science lectures
  • Sports, intellectual games and other activities

Training process:

According to the results of the introductory contest the participants are divided into divisions depending on their skill level. Participants can choose the most interesting topics and make an appropriate training program. If a participant finds the curriculum too simple or difficult, he can change division.

For the first time Moscow Workshops Juniors sets an English-speaking group up in 2019.

To take part in the camp, you need:

To pass qualifying online tours, its format is close to the Olympiad in Informatics. The ranking of the participants is made according to the results of four rounds. The selection rules can be found by the link.

Qualifying rounds:

And you can try the trial Round.
You will get the login and password after the registration via email, also you can see them on this page.


  • free of charge - for prize-winners of national Olympiads in informatics 2017-2018
  • $400 – for participants of national Olympiads in informatics 2017-2018
  • $700 – for another participants

Organizing committee email: