Winter Computer Camp

Winter Computer Camp
for students of 10-11 grades

The national research university
"Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology" (MIPT) and "Faculty of Innovation and High Technology" (FIHT)
From the end of February till the beginning of March, the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology conducts Winter Computer Camps.
The program of the camp includes:

  • Daily studying contests: preparation to the finals of the Open Olympiad.

  • Olympiads in informatics and programming, mathematics

  • Lectures by workers of base organizations of FIHT about actual tasks in the IT Industry

  • Lectures by professional scientists on combinatorial mathematics.

  • Physical and intellectual games.

  • How to get to the camp:

  • 1) fill the registration blank,

  • 2) participate in the online selection stage for the camp

  • Free participation is guaranteed to winners and prizers of the final stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for School Students (or Olympiads of the CIS) in informatics or mathematics, winners of the All-Russian Team School Student Olympiad in Programming (first grade diploma), winners of the Open Olympiad for School Students in Programming.
    Organizing committee email: