Video materials for the training

10 November 2012, Saturday. Contest analysis "Semifinals of the past years".
Held by Dmitry Zhukov.
11 November 2012, Sunday. Contest analysis "OpenCup GP Siberia".
Held by Renat Gimadeev.
12 November 2012, Monday. Parsing + grammatics".
Held by Vitaly Goldstein.
13 November 2012, Tuesday. Contest analysis "Persistent data structures".
Held by Yakov Dlugach.
14 November 2012, Wednesday. Contest analysis "Stereometry".
Held by Alexey Gusakov.
15 November 2012, Thursday. Rotating calipers.
Held by Vasily Postnikov.
16 November 2012, Friday. Contest analysis "Graphs".
Held by Vasily Astahov.
17 November 2012, Saturday. Mathematics.
Held by Renat Gimadeev.
17 November 2012, Saturday. Analysis of the Blitz-Contest.
Held by Renat Gimadeev.
18 November 2012, Sunday. Some exercises in advertisement technologies of Yandex.
Held by Mihail Levin.
18 November 2012, Sunday. Analysis of the Final Contest 1.
Held by Dmitry Zhukov.
19 November 2012, Monday. Analysis of the Final Contest 2.
Held by Ignat Kolesnichenko.