Results of the Moscow Subregional Contest of ACM ICPC 2013

On 20th of October, the Moscow Subregional Contest of the ICPC took place.

The competitions were based on the MIPT and MSU platforms where 208 teams had participated. The largest number of participants came from MIPT with 65 teams, overall the MIPT platform hosted 67 teams.

After having registered and passed the test round, participants got to the official contest opening. Having started the contest, the teams had begun to work in a very tense tempo solving given exercises.

The participants, while competing with the best teams of Moscow, managed to show their skill, receive worthy experience and have a lot of fun in a friendly atmosphere and the heat of competition.

The closing ceremony in the MSU, where participants had gone after a lunch at MIPT, saw winners officially awarded and teams that passed into the Regional stage declared.

The absolute winner was the MSU team Moscow SU Tapirs, only they could solve 8 out 12 given exercises. Teams from MIPT made worthy rivals, getting into the top 5. In total, 19 teams with 5 from MIPT passed into the Subregional stage:

3 place: MIPT Zzyzx (Smirnov, Tihomirov, Ivaschenko)
4 place: MIPT The Sun (Ruhovich, Chebanov, Mashrabov)
6 place: MIPT Banana Motel (Zhuk, Turbin, Pershakov)
14 place: MIPT The Moon (Kuzmichev, Riabov, Surin)
15 place: MIPT Buton (Savinov, Kiyan, Bagan).

Other 15 teams from MIPT that managed to get above the required level and got into the Top-55 didn't have sufficient quotas provided for MIPT.

Teams that passed the stage are now expecting the Regional Stage (semifinals), where the best teams from Russia and the CIS countries will participate. It will take place in Saint Petersburg on 1 December 2013. We wish our teams to prepare well and perform successfully!