The name of the ACM ICPC 2014 winner has been brought to public

25th of July saw the Finals of the most prestigious team competition among the young programmist elite held in Yekaterinburg, the ACM ICPC 2014. The championship for tens of years has been uniting students among the world and let them show their character, willpower, strength of thought, practice their programming skills and sharpen their knowledge.

The organizers offered to solve 12 problems with conditions in English over the course of 5 hours. On this year, there were 122 teams representing 120 universities from 41 countries of the world competing for victory.

ACM ICPC 2014 Finals

25th of June is the most important day of the competition. To compete for medals and the title of ACM ICPC 2014 Champion, there will be 122 teams. One hour before the end of the competition, the scoreboard with standings will be "suspended", officially the winners will only be declared on the award ceremony which will take place in the cinema theater "Kosmos" in the city of Yekaterinburg. The winners will be the teams that will be able to take the first 12 places.

Follow the live stream on 25 June from 7:45 to 15:30 and root for our team MIPT The Sun at On this year the team MIPT The Sun will be sitting by MIT, Michigan Technological University and the Moscow State University. You can follow the events that are going on right now on the platform!

Rooting for the MIPT team in the ACM ICPC 2014 Finals

From 22 to 26 June, the Finals of the most prestigious competition of the young programming elite will be held in Yekaterinburg: the World Programming Championship ACM ICPC 2014. More than 32.000 participants from 2.286 universities of 94 countries of the world competed in selection tournaments for the right to go to the Finals in Russia.

On the Championship ACM ICPC 2014, the MIPT was represented by the studen team of FIHT, MIPT The Sun: Alexander Mashrabov, Filipp Ruhovich and Georgy Chebanov (trainers: Dmitry Zhukov, Renat Gimadeev; leaders: Alexey Maleev, Valery Yevgenyevich Krivtsov).

Students and workers of MIPT, you have a unique chance to touch the atmosphere that will be present in Yekaterinburg: On 25 June, in the club of the Second Residence Building from 7:45 to 16:00, there will be the live stream of the ACM ICPC 2014 Finals. You can also watch it in the website