Congratulations to the finalists of the Russian Code Cup

The final round of the biggest Russian yearly open sports programming Olympiad, the Russian Code Cup supported by Group, was held on 5 October. Everyone who desired to participate could do it without any age and residence limitations. The qualifying rounds started in April (in total, it included more than 3.5 thousand participants) and by the results of them, 600 best programmers passed into the selection stage.

And out of the 600, 50 strongest programmers passed into the finals. In general, the finalists were graduates and students of leading Computer Science universities. MIPT was represented by 6 programmers of the "MIPT school" in the finals.

Congratulations to these people for good reasults:
• Yakov Dlugach (Jacob, 7 place);
• Filipp Ruhovich (DPR-pavlin, 20 place);
• Dmitry Zhukov (Zhukov_Dmitry, 30 place);
• Artiom Zhuk (Artem, 34 place);
• Alexander Mashrabov (map, 40 place);
• Mihail Tihomirov (endagorion, 43 place).

Fourth International Scientific and Practical Conference «School for gifted children: Mathematics, Informatics and Physics»

Will be held in Moscow from 2 December to 6 December.

Organized by: IT Education Development Center of MIPT supported by the companies "ABBYY", "Yandex", and "1C".

The conference schedule includes lectures and workshops on the following topics:
- effective preparation for USE (Unified State Examination);;
- modern electronic devices for education;
- preparation of talanted school students for subject Olympiads;
- methodics and technologies aimed at the innovative nature of the IT education development system.

Technical course for selection "Algorithmics for Experts"

The IT Education Center opens a new technical course for selection "Algorithmics for Experts".

In order to receive access to domestic contests, please sign up. All required information will be sent to you by email.

Within the framework of the course, the deep course of lectures will be given on algorithms and data structures, those that are most frequently used in solution of sports programming championship problems. Every lecture will have homework offered - contest for working on several practical skills. The problems will have to be not just turned in the testing system but solved in the most efficient way and receive approval of the program code by professors (possibly after several attempts).
For those who will not be able to go to the technical course, it will be possible to watch videolectures. The mark for the course depends on the number and quality of turned problems in the system.

The lectures will be held on Saturdays at 12:00am in the red section of the Reading Hall. The first class will be held on 13 September.

The training cycle in sports programming for students is about to start

The IT Education Development Center invites everyone (students of 1-5 grades) to the training cicle in sports programming as a means of preparation to the championship ACM ICPC.
The first training will be held on Saturday, 6 Sepember at 14:00 Moscow Time. It will be held in the red section of the Reading Hall (Main Building).

The training is held by:

Congratulations to the team "MIPT The Sun" with a new composition on the absolute second place in total standings of the summer training "Petrozavodsk-2014"!

From 22 August to 1 September, on the platform of the Petrozavodsk State University with support from the company "Yandex", the summer sports programming training "Petrozavodsk-2014" was held within the framework of preparation to the regional stage of the international programming student championship ACM ICPC.