XVI Educational and Sports Intellectual Competition of Students in Izhevsk

From 6 to 18 September, the Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University hosted the XVI Educational and Sports Intellectual Competition of Students held in collaboration with the Lomonosov Moscow State University. The training has traditionally been the mirror of the PetrSU Programming Training Camp (i.e. they are based on the same problems) and its goal is to prepare teams for participation in the ACM ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest. This year has seen 15 student teams from Russian and Kazakh universities as well as one middle school student team participate in the training.

MIPT teams showed excellent results on the International 24-hour Programming Contest "Challenge24"


The International 24-hour Programming Contest "Challenge24" was hosted in Budapest from 25 to 28 June. In this yearly tournament, 34 teams from all over Europe who passed the online selection engaged in a fun 24 hour long intellectual battle.

According to the rules of the competition, teams of three must solve problems in the fields of programming and artificial intelligence within the term of 24 hours. They are a free to choose any type of software, environment and programming language, and the only limitation is prohibition to use the Internet.

During the competition, the scoreboard had been considerably changing each 4 hours. The organizers managed to achieve an entertaining and unpredictable turn of events with the help of final rounds of the contest problem. The winning team was the Polish team HoChockiGon and it is not their first time winning such contests.

The honor of MIPT on the tournament was defended by the following teams:

  • aimfund: the team that took the 6th prize place and showed the best result among the Russian participants of the tournament. It was composed of 2 MIPT alumni (Renat Gimadeev, Artiom Verkhogliadov) and Dmitry Zhukov, trainer of MIPT teams in sports programming.
  • mlteam: this team took the 24th place and it was composed of the 4th grade DIHT students Andrey Kashin and Alexander Mashrabov, as well as the professor of the Department of Discrete Mathematics Ignaty Kolesnichenko.
  • Unpretired: they took the 28th place with participation of the alumni of MIPT (Yakov Dlugach) and MSU (Ilya Kornakov and Alexey Gusakov).

Congratulations to the participants on their successful performance and we wish them victories in future championships!

VK Cup Programming Championship has come to an end

From 24 to 27 July, VK.com and Codeforces hosted the VK Cup Programming Championship, a competition for young programmers where single person programmers and teams of two could participate. The total number of participants registered was 3631, which is truly one of the most impressive figures for this kind of tournaments.

MIPT teams that participated in the tournament and passed into the finals are:

  • endagorion (Alexander Mashrabov, Mikhail Tikhomirov): 8th place
  • Hexaraccoon (Artsem Zhuk, Ivan Smirnov): 13th place
  • X3 (Alexey Dmitriev, Alexander Ostanin): 16th place
  • Sun Adventure (Filipp Rukhovich, Georgy Chebanov): 20th place

The team endagorion joined the ranks of prizewinners and received a financial award. Congratulations to the guys on their great results and we wish them victories in future competitions!

Teams of MIPT showed high results on the Ural Championship

The Ural Federal University hosted the XIX Team Ural Championship in Sports Programming from 23 to 26 April, 2015. (http://acm.urfu.ru/chu/2015/index.html).

The teams of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Moscow IPT Jinotega (Artsem Zhuk, Dmitry Ivaschenko, Konstantin Semionov) and Moscow IPT The Moon (Dmitry Kuzmichev, Nikolay Pershakov, Mikhail Surin) received second grade diplomas, having occupied the 5th and 8th places respectively.
The final results of the championship can be seen here: http://acm.timus.ru/monitor.aspx?id=290