Instruction on compilers and environments

Any browser would work with the testing system, no special clients are required for the system.
The testing will be run on computers based on Linux.
To compile programs written in C/C++ on Linux-based laptops you will need a compiler compatible with gcc 4.9 (or higher); Geany or Code::Blocks of the latest version are recommended as IDE. Similar or newer versions of compilers are recommended for Mac users as well.
For Windows it is recommended to use Code::Blocks (if possible, choose the distribution kit with a compiler included) and Geany; using Visual Studio is recommended starting from Visual Studio 2013 (although for full compatibility it's better to have Code::Blocks and a gcc port).
To compile and depug programs written in Java it is recommended to use the latest version of Oracle JDK. As IDE you can use Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.