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For the conference held in 2014, please click this link.

The International Scientific and Practical Conference «School for gifted children: Mathematics, Informatics and Physics» is held in Moscow and Dolgoprudny yearly in the beginning of December.

Conference organizer: Center of Education and Developments of the Central Federal District with support from the companies "ABBYY", "Yandex", "1C".

The conference schedule includes:
- effective preparation to the Unified State Examination (USE);
- modern electronic devices for education;
- preparation of talented school students to subject Olympiads;
- methods and technologies dedicated to the innovative nature of the IT educatoin system development.

The conference also includes classes in the companies "Yandex", "ABBYY" and the central office of "1C".

The conference is integrated with post-graduate courses, in the end listeners will be granted certificates of short-term qualification increase of the state standard.

For participation in the conference, it's necessary to send an application to organizers.

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