Moscow Subregional Contest ACM ICPC 2012

The 2012 Moscow Subregional Contest

Moscow Subregional Contest of ACM ICPC will take place on 21 October 2012. The competitions will be based on two platforms: MIPT and MSU. The page of the Moscow Subregional Contest on the official ACM ICPC website.

How to register properly in order to participate in the competition?
To participate in the competition, trainers will need to register the team on the ACM ICPC website. The instruction is located here. Tell your trainer the name of the team, as well as full names and emails of the team members (in English). The participants will need to register in the testing system.

For questions regarding registration of an MIPT team, refer to the ITEDC trainer
Dmitry Zhukov
Warning! Registration of teams in the testing system ends on 16 October at 23:59:59

The Moscow Region is considered to be one of the strongest in the world. In the 36th Finals of the World Championship, out of 12 awarded teams, 2 of them represented our region: the MIPT and MSU teams. In the last several years teams of the Moscow Region have been steadily showing high results and winning medals in the Finals of the World Championship ACM ICPC.

Contact number: +7(495) 408-56-18

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