Moscow VIII Vekua Cup Festival in Sports Programming

On May 24 and 25 the Moscow VIII Vekua Cup Festival in Sports Programming 2014 was held, which saw finalist teams from all over the post-Sovet space gather together that passed into the finals of the International ACM ICPC Championship in Sports Programming, as well as first teams from universities.
The Olympiad was held in two stages (team and domestic ones) on 5 platforms at once: in Tbilisi, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg, and Vinnitsa.
This year saw the Vekua Cup gather the record number of participants: in the team stage of the VIII Vekua Cup 102 different teams had participated and the domestic one had 145 teams.

The second platform is Tbilisi was organized on the base of the Georgian Technical University where 49 teams from Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Russian participated. In Tbilisi, the MIPT was represented by the team Moscow IPT The Sun, which managed to break into finals of ACM ICPC. The team was represented by Mashrabov Alexander, Chebanov Georgy and Ruhovich Filipp and it took the absolute second place only having the team from Saint Petersburg State University ahead. At the same time, our guys were the best on the Central platform and were awarded with a special prize of the name of N.I. Muskhelishvili as the best guest team that participated in the VIII Vekua Cup.

MIPT students also managed to get first places in the overall test table and the domestic stage of the VIII Vekua Cup: the first place was taken by the MIPT graduate Mihail Tihomirov and the second place was taken by the freshman Artiom Zhuk.
In total, by the results of the domestic and team stages 5 first degree diplomas, 10 second degree diplomas and 10 third degree diplomas were awarded in each standings.

Also, this year, on the tasks of the team and individual contest VIII Vekua Cup there was a Moscow Festival of Sports Programming conducted in collaboration with the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology.

The primary goal of the "Moscow VIII Vekua Cup Festival in Sports Programming" is to assemble teams to rival the best teams of the world programming elite that wrote the contest on the Tbilisi platform.
The Moscow festival gathered 40 teams from 8 universities of Moscow. The domestic competition had 58 students participate.
The stages of the Moscow Festival were carried out the rules of ACM ICPC: teams were offered to solve 11 problems over the course of 5 hours in one of the allowed programming languages of the tournament
Successful problem solving, aside from knowledge of the languages, implies math skills, knowledge of algorithms and data structure, as well as good teamwork in the conditions of lack of time. Teams of MIPT demonstrated good teamwork and sufficient knowledge level, so they were awarded with diplomas of the first and second degree.

The absolute champion of the Moscow Festival in Sports Programming was the MIPT team Moscow IPT Banana Motel which solved 8 problems out of 10 offered.

The team MIPT Ababahalamaha (Babanin I, Dmitriev A, Ostanin A.) solved 7 problems and were awarded with the first degree diploma, taking up the fourth place in the competition.
MIPT Zzyzx (Ivaschenko D., Tihomirov M., Smirnov I.) и MIPT My Little Euler (Hismatullin T., Rusak M., Golovanov A.) were also awarded with diplomas of the first degree. The teams solved 6 problems and took the 5th and 7th places respectively.

Second degree diplomas were awarded to teams that solved 5 problems each:
- Moscow IPT Buton (Savinov E., Kiyan S.) - 9th place in the total standings of the festival in sports programming;
- Moscow IPT The Moon (Kuzmichev D., Riabov M., Surin M.) -10th place.
- Moscow IPT: Astat (Ahtiamov P., Semchenkov A., Kurpushkin D.)- 11th place.

The problems of the first stage were also beaten by the MIPT students. Mihail Tihomirov and Artiom Zhuk became undisputed winners of the standings, both on the Moscow platform and the International Olympiad Vekua Cup 2014.
Diploma of the first grade in the Sixth Domestic Championship "MIPT Open" was also awarded to Ostanin Alexander.
Diploma of the second grade was awarded to Surin Mihail and Babanin Ivan who solved 6 problems.

We wish the guys luck!

The MIPT The Sun's trip to Tbilisi was sponsored by the company «NIX».

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