About the Moscow Festival

On 24 and 25 May 2014 the "Moscow VII Vekua Cup Festival in Sports Programming" is held in collaboration with the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (state university) on the base of the education center of MIPT.

In the framwork of the Moscow Festival of Sports Programming, there will be held the intramural stage of the Moscow VII Vekua Cup Festival in Sports Programming. The Olympiad will take place in 4 places at once: in Tbilisi, Moscow, Novosibirsk and Saint Petersburg.
On the main platform of the championship in Tbilisi, there will be teams from all over the post-Soviet space that passed into the Finals of the International ACM ICPC Championship in Sports Programming.
"Moscow VII Vekua Cup Festival in Sports Programming" is a very fun way to participate in a prestigious domestic International Olympiad, and thanks to direct broadcast, be a witness for the main events of the championship in Tbilisi.

The Moscow Festival in Sports Programming will have two stages:
1 stage: team standings for the VII Vekua Cup;
2 stage: sixth domestic championship "MIPT Open"
The event schedule also includes solving exercises and awarding participants on the local platform.
The award ceremony for winners in domestic and team contests will be held by the results of the "Moscow VII Vekua Cup Festival in Sports Programming" in thge city of Moscow.
The primary goal of the "Moscow VII Vekua Cup Festival in Sports Programming" is to assemble teams for a battle to gather a reserve team to rival the best teams of the world programming elite.

The event will be held in the Moscow part of the MIPT (Moscow, Dmitrovskoye Roadway, 9, Center of Education MIPT).

Participation is free (only intramural!), registration on the website is open until 16:00 of 23 May 2014.

Contact e-mail: acm.training@phystech.edu.

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