VK Cup Programming Championship has come to an end

From 24 to 27 July, VK.com and Codeforces hosted the VK Cup Programming Championship, a competition for young programmers where single person programmers and teams of two could participate. The total number of participants registered was 3631, which is truly one of the most impressive figures for this kind of tournaments.
The turn of events was very tense, problems were solved very quickly so the scoreboard kept changing all the time. Nevertheless, the winning team was Never Sorry (Gennady Korotkevich, Niyaz Nigmatullin).
MIPT teams that participated in the tournament and passed into the finals are:
  • endagorion (Alexander Mashrabov, Mikhail Tikhomirov): 8th place

  • Hexaraccoon (Artsem Zhuk, Ivan Smirnov): 13th place

  • X3 (Alexey Dmitriev, Alexander Ostanin): 16th place

  • Sun Adventure (Filipp Rukhovich, Georgy Chebanov): 20th place

The team endagorion joined the ranks of prizewinners and received a financial award. Congratulations to the guys on their great results and we wish them victories in future competitions!
The full results of the VK Cup Finals can be found here.