University NEERC ratings by the results of ACM ICPC World Cups

Spreadsheet with ratings for universities NEERC 2012-2013.

These ratings were developed by Magaz Orzakimovich Asanov, the dean of the faculty of mathematics and mechanics at the Ural Federal University. With its help all universities that belong to Northeastern region of Europe (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Uzbekistan, Estonia) can be ranged by the performance at the Regionals and World Finals over the last three years.

The calculating formula for ratings by the results of the year:
Where R is the university rating for the year, k is the number of excercises solved by the strongest team of a university at the Regionals, a,b,c are premium points for taken places received by the first, second and third teams of a university at the Regionals, d is additional premium points for performance at the World Finals.
Premium points for places in the Regionals are given in accordance with this method: the 50th place gives a team 0.1 point, the 49th gives it 0.2 points, etc. Each place gives 0.1 point up until the 11th place, which is worth 4 points in the end. Furthermore, the 10th place gives 4.2 points, the 9th gives 4.4 points, the 8th gives 4.6, the 7th gives 4.8, the 6th gives 5.0, the 5th gives 5.3, the 4th gives 5.7, the 3rd gives 6.2, the 2nd gives 6.8 and, finally, the first place gives 8.0 points.
Additional premium points are given to universities for successful performance at the World Finals. The golden medal gives 4 points, the silver medal gives 3 points, the bronze medal gives 2 points. Being in a group that solved the same number of excercises as the bronze winner gives 1.5 points, being in the next group of classified teams gives 1 point and, finally, another group of classified teams gives 0.5 points.
Additional teams are given for gaining titles. The world champion title gives 2 more points, the Europe champion title gives one more point.
The calculating formula for ratings is: R = 2R0 + 1,5R1 + R2,
Where R is the final rating, R0 is the last year's rating, R1 is the previous year's rating, and R2 is the rating from two years ago.
The attached spreadsheet is taken from the website
According to the digest "2012/2013 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Northeastern European Region"