Huawei Codecraft Marathon

Match 1. Spatial Image Alignment.

If you want your ideas to be implemented in new technologies and products, which being used by 1/3 of global population, participate in our Marathon started recently. Task can be downloaded after registration, see link to the test system on the right:
John has a digital camera. He usually takes two photos, first photo is bad quality and blurred, second has good quality, but his hands shaked, and the second photo has moved compared to the first one. Help John to restore first(blurred) photo position, considering that the movement was in the same plane. We highly encourage participants to use neural network based approaches for solving this task. You can download 30 samples from checker in txt format. Data generation for neural network training is one of the main point in our task. Converter from/to graphic format is also part of the task.

The author of the task is Technical leader of IT lab Parallel Programming Modeling of Huawei Moscow Research Centre. He and his team designed Portrait Segmentation and Super Resolution solution that was implemented in recently presented premium smartphone Mate10:

Results of Huawei Marathon Match 1 will be announced at the NEERC ACM ICPC 2017NEERC ACM ICPC 2017 at ITMO December 2-3 2017. Later we will hold a video conference with the author of the task where everyone can ask questions.

Terms of participation. Copyright

Those who would be interested to cooperate with Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other Huawei Research Centres at age of 14 years and older in the teams from 1 to 3 members can participate in the problem solving.
To participate in the Huawei Marathon match 1 the captain of the team need to register. Team participants of the Moscow Workshop 2017 can use the usernames and passwords from the Workshop. The solutions of the problem should be sent to the testing system.

In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, Huawei believes that the parties had made irrevocable statement about submitted solutions during the competition.

Internship, BT to HQ, Smartphone

Among visa-free participants in Huawei Codecraft Marathon. Match 1 will be awarded 9 certificates for a three-month internship at Huawei Research Centres (@Msc or @Spb) with compensation of 100,000 RUB per month before income tax deduction, compensation for accommodation and travel "to and from" places of internship. Terms and conditions are valid in case of starting the internship in winter and finishing the internship in 2018. Internship by arrangement can be divided into stages: part in the winter, and the other part in summer or part-time if combine with study. Some of the participants will receive an invitation to visit and/or internship at the headquarters of company in Shenzhen (China). Some of the participants will get 9 Huawei smartphones P10+ for testing and later they will be asked to fill in a feedback form.