Mikhail Tikhomirov
  • Finalist of Topcoder Open 2014, 2015
  • Finalist of the Russian Code Cup 2014, 2015
  • MSU graduate
  • PhD student and coach at MIPT
  • Coach of the ACM ICPC gold medalist Moscow IPT Jinotega team
Andrei Stankevich
  • Associate professor at ITMO University
  • ACM ICPC Silver Medalist (2000), Gold Medalist (2001)
  • Coach of ITMO University teams, 6 times World Champions, 9 Gold
  • Medals, 1 Silver Medal, 1 Bronze Medal
  • Judge at ROI, NEERC, Petrozavodsk Training Camp
  • Author of 48 training contests at Petrozavodsk Training Camp
Mikhail Rubinchik
  • Bronze medalist of ACM ICPC World Finals 2011;
  • Coach of three winners of the Russian Olympiad in Informatics;
  • Coach of the gold medalist of the International Olympiad in Informatics 2014;
  • Coach of the team Ural FU Dandelion
Gleb Evstropov
  • Gold medalist (2nd place) of ACM ICPC 2015 World Finals
  • 3rd place of the Facebook Hacker Cup 2015 Finals
  • Gold medalist (2nd place) of ACM ICPC 2014 World Finals
  • Lecturer of the Department of Computer Sciences at the National Research University Higher School of Economics
  • Codeforces coordinator
  • Member of the Host Scientific Committee of IOI 2016
Alexander Golovanov
  • Silver medal at Romanian Masters of Mathematics (2013)
  • First prize in the 21st International Mathematical Competition (2014)
  • Gold medal in the International Olympiad for School Students in Tuymaada (2013)
  • First grade diploma in the Kolmogorov Memory Cup (2012)
Grigoriy Tkachenko
  • Declined Facebook job offer to join my current company
  • Launched Android app with 1 million downloads
  • TopCoder Open Hackathon 2015 Winner
  • Prize-winner of the All-Russian Olympiad on Informatics
  • Machine Learning Works by Botan Investment
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