Schedule of days

7 November Arrival of participants
8 November, 9:00 - 12:00  Registration, trial contest
8 November from 12:00 Opening ceremony, first contest, lecture
9-10 November Study days
11 November  Day off
12-14 November Study days
15 November Day off
16-17 November Study days
18 November Final contest, closing ceremony, departure**
19 November  Sightseeing trip to Moscow for an additional fee*

* Don't forget to specify it in the form of the second registration to be sent on October 1.
** Departure is available on November 19 without additional payment.
The day of arrival is November 7 (November 8 in extreme case). Many Workshop participants arrive from the I.V. Pottosin All-Siberian Programming Olympiad on the flight S7-176 at 20:45, so we are going to organize a meeting in the airport Domodedovo. If you find it to be comfortable to arrive to airport Domodedovo around this time, we will be able to meet you too. Don't forget to specify it in the blank of second registration.