Order of admission for foreign citizens

Participation in the training for foreign citizens requires compliance with the order of entrance into Russia carried out by established rules. The order varies depending on the visa status with countries that participants come from.
  • On the first step, you will need to fill the blank of registration in the training;

  • For execution of the invitation, you will also need to fill the blank with passport information and send a copy of the passport to acm@phystech.edu with the team name specified and titled "For the invitation";

  • The invitation will be sent to you by either mail or email (depending on your choice);

  • In case you wouldn't need a visa, you will need to have a translation of your passport and notarize it; also keep the arrival paper during your stay in Russia;

  • In case you would need a visa, you will need to make it in the embassy;

  • The trip is organized by participants at their own expense. It includes booking of a ticket in order to receive information about the date of arrival, which is necessary for second registration;

  • Pass the second registration