How the Training went

On the base of the MIPT, the Moscow Open Training in Sports Programming. The Training was organized by the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology. The Training was held supported by Yandex. The event had lasted for 10 days: from 10 to 19 October. In total, the training hosted 51 students and represented 10 universities, 8 cities and 4 countries (guests from Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan were also invited).
10 Novermber, early morning of Saturday. Few students unwillingly go to classes while the training organizers impatiently expect first participants of the event by the registration stand in the Main Building of MIPT. Right after arriving to the university, the guest teams receive souvenirs, keys to their residences and go to rest before the official opening...
...after a good lunch, our guests take a sit on soft chairs of the auditorium while waiting for the opening. Alexey Maleev, the head of the organizing committee, officially declares the beginning of the Training, tells the partcipants about the upcoming schedule and publically presents lecturers, organizers and the chairman of the program committee Oleg Hristenko, who has just arrived from the MSU.
Immediatelly, right after the opening, the teams go to do their first contest. The Computer Hall has a wonderful atmosphere! Some people froze in tension from the exercise conditions, others type the programming code as quick cold-bloodedly as possible, and the latter run towards the printer to get the fresh solution that had been tested a moment ago. Four hours pass unnoticeably for the participants, te testing system ceases to accept solutions and now the team members are looking at the result board of the first day of competitions. The team BZFlags has taken the lead by solving all exercises and taking the first position of the rankings.
By the end of the contests, the guys had gone to the dinner and then returned to the Computer Class where Dmitry Zhukov, the team trainer of MIPT, conducts exercises analyses. The interest to the exercises is exceedingly high and all listen to the words of the trainer scrupulously, even though it's dark outside.
The training schedule is made so the participants would have an opportunity to concentrate on a specific exercise topic everyday: aside for thematic contests, there were lectures organized each day. On lectures, the students could find out many new things about the types of exercises that they could only come across on the competition. Parsing and graphs, combinatorcs and grammatics, dynamic data programming and the number theory, it's just a part of the list of all lecture topics. It's worth noting that almost all lecturers are winners or prizers of different ACM ICPC competitions, so the material told by them attracted much attention of the public. By evenings, there were Blitz-Contests organized, where the big role is played not just by experience and ability but also by the sense of team management. In the end, contest winners had been changing quite often which gave even more and interest to the competition.

After dinner, the participants would to rest. All guests of the event were comfortably accommodated in the new MIPT residence building. The trip to the biggest Russian waterpark is worth noting separately: the guys received a large portion of positive emotions, having had much fun on coasters and enjoyed the sauna. Unsurprisingly, after the trip to the waterpark, the MSU team SG had become the first in the rankings.
10 had passed in one moment, and it was time to say goodbye to our guests. On the closing ceremony, winners of the final rankings were officially awarded. The first place was taken by the team BZFlags from Kiev, in a tense fight the team The Sun from the MIPT had taken the second place with only 5.56 points behind, and the third place was taken by the guys from the team SG who represented the MSU. The nomination "practice" was also won by the team SG, they turned out to be the most stubborn and solved 84 exercises out of 97 offered during the practice. All event participants also received certificates of participation in the Training and archives with materials for all contests, lectures and practices.

We can't wait for you on the next Training!