Our activity

Main tasks that the IT Education Development Centers devotes itself to :

  • methodological and organizational work with students of universities and schools, and with professors aimed at increasing the level of training for informatics and programming ;

  • organization and conduction of olympiads, schools, workshops; development of the ACM ICPC olymic movement in MIPT*.



*ACM ICPC is the most prestigious and biggest competition of the world in sports programming among students. The championship includes teams composed of three students from one university. During the season 2013-2014, more than 9000 teams from 2322 universities of 91 countries in the world had participated.


The activity of ITEDC has three different directions: studying process, domestic events and outer events.



The main goal of the studying process is training of student teams for competitions of the world class, according to ACM ICPC. Trainings happen 2 or 3 times a week, including every Saturday and Sunday. During fall semesters, on weekdays there is one more training for first grade students conducted. Trainings are carried out by prizers of ACM ICPC championships: Dmitry Zhukov, Renat Gimadeev and Artiom Verhogladov. Every training includes solution of a 5 hour contest in conditions that are maximally close to real competitions, as well as solving contest problems and new theory material.


Domestic events are conducted on the base of the MIPT campus and include a full cycle of preparation, from sending invitation and organization of accomodation to forming schedules and conducting the events themselves.


The Center pays special attention to working with school students because thorough selection and training of talented applicants are fundamental to the MIPT's success on international competitions in sports programming. For this purpose, the Center regularly conducts intramural events (Winter Computer Camp, Winter and Summer Olympiad Camps), Open Olympiad for School Students, a complex of events for conduction of the regional stage of the All-Russian Olympiad in Informatics of the Moscow Oblast and preparation of the Moscow Oblast team to the final stage of the All-Russian Olympiad of School Students.


In the end of October, on the base of MIPT there are quarterfinal competitions of ACM ICPC. The year of 2013 saw 195 students of MIPT participating in the event, which made the university the first one among all post-Soviet universities in the number of representatives. This made it possible to send 5 teams to the semifinal stage of the Northeastern European Region at once instead of two in accordance with the established quota. Right after the Quarterfinals there is a fall training in sports programming carried out («MIPT fall programming training») for MIPT students and other universities. Every year sees about 30 teams with 3 members each from Russia and CIS countries that passed into the semifinal stage of ACM ICPC. In the course of 10 days teams do contests, listen to lectures while steadily preparing themselves for semifinal competitions of ACM ICPC.


This year the tradition of conducting Moscow Programming Championships has been restored. In the end of May, the Moscow Festival of Sports Programming happened: on the first day the intramural team round of the International Programming Olympiad of the VII Vekua Cup was conducted, and the next day saw the sixth domestic championship "MIPT Open"


The IT Education Development Center conducts events for school teachers of math and informatics. Yearly, in the beginning of December there is the international scientific and practical conference "School for gifted children: mathematics and infomatics" conducted, integrated with courses of qualification increase, so by the end of the conference attendees receive certificates of passing the short-term courses of qualification increase of the state standard. The conference schedule includes lectures and workshops on chosen topics of mathematics and informatics, roundtables dedicated to training school students of olympiads (including the All-Russian Olympiad for School Students), discussion of the state strategy in the area of work with gifted children, discussions on the topic of career guidance for school students.



Outer events. The Center is actively involved in preparation and organization of student trips to various championships and training in sports programming. Two times a year MIPT students participate in the world's most important trainings of PetrGU, as well on various regional trainings (Sevastopol, Kharkov, Izhevsk). Aside for trips to the semifinal and final stages of ACM ICPC, teams of MIPT regularly participate in championships of the following universities: NSU (Novosibirsk), KSU (Kazan), UrFU (Yekaterinburg), BSUIR (Grodno), KPI (KIev), TSU (Tbilisi).