ACM ICPC 2017 Finals soon

ACM ICPC is an international competitive programming contest and the most prestigious team-based competition in the programming world. The history of the championship started in 1970 when the University of Texas started to host team-based competitions among students in order to ignite interest in computer technologies. By this moment, the contest has turned into a worldwide competition.
ACM ICPC assembles more than 40.000 participants from more than 100 countries yearly, which is four times more than the Olympics (for example, the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro hosted 11.544 participants). Programming is slowly becoming real sports of the future, an intellectual competition just as entertaning as chess.
Just like any other tournament, this competition is held by a set of rules. Each team is given 5 hours for solving 10-12 complicated algorithmic problems. The team that solved the gratest number of tasks wins, and in case the number of problems is the same, the victory is given to the one that spent less time on solving.
In this type of sports Russia has a leading position. It is due to the fact that Russia seriously approaches coaching students in maths and computer sciences, so "yesterday's" world champions are now the best coaches. Russian teams won 30 gold medals in ACM ICPC history while the US has 14 and China has 12. Russian universities were absolute ACM ICPC champions 11 times; the world record in the number of champion titles belongs to the Russian ITMO University with 6 cups out of 11. This is the reason why Russia hosts Pre-Finals ACM ICPC Workshop.
This year's Finals will be held on May 24 in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. 133 teams of world's best universities will compete for the champion's title. The full list of universities can be found here. This time Russia will send 13 teams from the following universities: MSU, MIPT, NRU HSE, ITMO, SPbSU, SPbAU, NSU, PermSU, PetrSU, SSU, TPU, UrFU, SamSTU. In the picture below you can see how the number of participants grew exponentially:

MIPT will be represented by team Jinotega (Ivan Smirnov, Artsem Zhuk and Kostantin Semenov) which won a gold medal in the last year's Finals. We hope that the team will bring us a good result again!
There is a tradition of hosting a "Cheering Party" for ACM ICPC fans with live streaming. This year's party will be held in 11 cities of different countries of the world: Cuba, India, Romania, Russia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Bolivia. One of the places where the Finals will be streamed is MIPT: May 24, from 17:00 to 23:00, in the dorm. #2 club. We invite everyone to root for MIPT!

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