About Workshops


Moscow Workshops ICPC traditionally hosts teams from 50 different countries all over the world and the number of participating universities grows from year to year. There are around 1600 participants from 167 universities of 50 countries attended the boot camps. In the spring of 2018 Moscow Workshops ICPC in India visited 38 non-russian teams.

In 2018 year the Workshop on MIPT campus was visited by teams from Norway and Egypt for the first time. What is more, according to the ICPC Finals’18 results, Moscow Workshops ICPC gain spectacular success: 10 out of 13 medalists of ICPC Finals18 participated in Moscow Workshops ICPC, held by MIPT in Dolgoprudny.
For the first time in ICPC finals the first two places were won by teams from one city: MSU, MIPT (Moscow)!


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