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Moscow Workshops ACM ICPC traditionally hosts teams from 48 different countries all over the world and the number of participating universities grows with each year. This year in April the Workshop was attended by 170 members from 44 countries of 19 universities of the world. For the first time the Workshops featured teams from Australia, Belgium, Sweden and Turkey. The Workshop also hit the record number of foreign teams. In the spring of 2016, Moscow Workshops only featured 14 foreign teams, and in the fall of 2016 the number was 26.
What is more, according to the ACM ICPC Finals’17 results, Moscow Workshops ACM ICPC demonstrated the success of the previous year: 8 out of 12 prize winning teams of ACM ICPC Finals 2017 participated in Moscow Workshops ACM ICPC, held by MIPT in collaboration with University ITMO in Dolgoprudny.


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