Results of Moscow Programming Contest (ACM ICPC 1/8)

Moscow Programming Contest, or ACM ICPC 1/8 was held at the different universities of Moscow such as Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), MSU, HSE, MAI, NUST MISIS, Bauman MSTU and others on October 8th, 2017. The Contest was organized by the Laboratory for IT-education Development at MIPT and Moscow State University.

An international competitive programming boot camp in Barcelona

From Sept. 27 to Oct. 5, a competitive programming boot camp is bringing students from all over the world to Barcelona. It is set to prepare them for the prestigious ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, ICPC. The event is organized by MIPT's Laboratory for IT Education Development in collaboration with Harbour.Space University with the support of Sberbank of Russia.