Huawei Codecraft Marathon

We are pleased to announce Huawei Codecraft Marathon.Match 1. If you want your ideas to be implemented in new technologies and products, which being used by 1/3 of global population, participate in our Marathon! In this round you are invited to solve the problem from the field of spatial alignment of images and send the solution to the testing system.
The author of the task is Technical leader of IT lab Parallel Programming Modeling of Huawei Moscow Research Centre. He and his team designed Portrait Segmentation and Super Resolution solution that was implemented in recently presented premium smartphone Mate10.

Results of Huawei Marathon Match 1 will be announced at the NEERC ACM ICPC 2017NEERC ACM ICPC 2017 at ITMO December 2-3 2017. The participants submitted the best solution will be awarded!